Kitten Wellness Protocol

Please take a look at the following information to help welcome your newest addition! Immunizations are a necessary part of any wellness protocol. This is especially true for pediatric patients, beginning at 6 weeks of age in kittens. Vaccinations should not be administered until comprehensive history and physical examination are completed. A vaccination protocol may then be customized for each patients specific needs based on their life style and risk factors.

6-8 Weeks of Age: Physical exam, fecal flotation, deworming, 1st FVRCP vaccine.

9-12 Weeks of Age: Physical exam, 2nd FVRCP vaccine.

12-16 Weeks of Age: Physical exam, 3rd FVRCP vaccine, Rabies vaccine.

If your kitten is an escape artist or you plan to let your cat outdoors, you should consider vaccinating against Feline Leukemia (FeLV). This vaccine can be started as soon as 12 weeks of age.

Technician Visit #1: start 1st FeLV vaccine.

Technician visit #2: booster FeLV vaccine approximately 3-4 weeks after initial vaccine.