Kitten Wellness Protocol

Do you have a new kitten?

Please take a look at this information to welcome your newest addition.

We recommend the following examinations and procedures for your new kitten.
These are basic guidelines for all kittens.

However, we may make additional recommendations based on our findings.

6-8 Weeks of Age
Physical Examination
Fecal Flotation
1st FRCCP Distemper Vaccine

9-12 Weeks of Age
Physical Examination
Fecal Flotation
FeLV/FIV Testing
2nd FRCCP Distemper Vaccine
1st FeLV Vaccine

12-16 Weeks of Age
Physical Examination
Fecal Flotaion
3rd FRCCP Distemper Vaccine
2nd FeLV Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine

6 Months of Age
Spay for Females
Neuter for Males
Pre-anesthetic blood work prior to surgery

Immunizations are a necessary part of any wellness protocol.

This is especially true for pediatric patients, beginning at six weeks of age in puppies and kittens. We feel vaccinations should not be administered until a comprehensive history and physical examination are completed. A vaccination protocol may then be customized for each patient based on relative risk factors and concurrent illness.

This may include semi-annual, annual or triennial vaccines/antigens and/or titers where appropriate. By utilizing the latest in vaccine technology we keep your pet protected and ultimately minimize the number of injections, and thus potential complications, required during the lifetime of your pet.

We promote happier, healthier lives by offering patient focused care in a friendly environment that feels like home.